An Approach Based on Industry Needs

IslamicBanker is a founder-led team that truly believes in the power of collaboration and breakthrough information.

Access data, analytics and collaboration tools to make more informed business decisions.

The need for timely and accurate information is critically important to the development of economies. It helps to unlock supply, generate demand, create and disseminate knowledge to address local and global issues. This information, combined with effective collaboration tools, can transform markets.

But in Islamic markets, information is not easily accessible, with limited market insight. This restricts the opportunities for private firms to start up and grow, create jobs, and spur innovation, hindering overall economic development. is a leading global platform focused exclusively on the Islamic finance and socially responsible investments (SRI) industry, providing investors a unique and unparalleled access to a $21.4 trillion market.

Every step of the way, we've engaged and showcased our offerings with key players in the industry from around the world, listening and learning, whilst remaining true to our vision.

But our journey is a shared one. Join us today.

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IslamicBanker is a marketplace for socially responsible investments.


IslamicBanker provides the highest quality financial and economic intelligence with powerful analytics.


Connect and interact with professionals from around the world. Disseminate your ideas.


Our Insights platform provides incisive expert opinion and analysis on the issues that matter.